Thursday, June 6, 2013

In Review: Dollar NonCents

So I *did* finish more than one book this past month of May, but I decided to stick to my one review on the blog.  You can visit my Goodreads Page to see the following reviews:

IndoctriNation, Colin Gunn &
Heroes of the Holocaust: True Stories of Rescues by Teens, Allan Zullo

The Reward of Childhood Truth

As for the books actually on my reading list, it's one I've been meaning to read for quite some time now, as it is written by my father-in-law.  One interesting tidbit is that he didn't publish the book to make money or anything along those lines, rather, he wrote it to educate.  And as an educational tool, he very often gives them away for free! I gave a copy away a few weeks ago as well.

Dollar NonCents, Peter Allison

This is a very quick read.  However, it took all month to read it!  My dear husband said he would like to read it with me.  One thing about our couples reading is that it is both sporadic and intermittent.  (;  I said sure, but I have a deadline! I need to finish this book by the end of the month.  Well, we finished all 90 pages by June 1st (not including the additional appendixes).

I feel this book needs no excerpts, it just needs to be read.  This helped me understand with simple and straightforward explanations, just what is wrong with our monetary system.  The Federal Reserve is corrupt and fraudulent, but why?  What exactly is "money".  What is a "dollar"?  Did you know our money is actually debt? This book gives a history lesson of where the Federal Reserve came from, when silver and gold were used as commodities, when we stopped backing the dollar by gold, etc.  It also calls upon many experts to testify.  It ends with what we should do.  Should we go live in a cave and refuse to use the dollar?  How can we get rid of this horrendous thieving monster?

Read the book for the answers!  It is a fantastic book that shows us where to look for Truth.  It was a very insightful book as well as encouraging.  It is not all hopeless.  The first step is to get educated. 

This gets a big 5 Stars from me!

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