Thursday, July 25, 2013

Failure, Pregnancy, and a New Puppy!

Well, as upsetting as it is, right in the middle of my book goal, I have failed!  It seems life has caught up to me.  I have not completed a book from my reading list this past month.  *Sigh*

Part of my bad reading habit has caught up with me.  Namely: reading multiple books all at once.  It seems pregnancy is quickly growing and consuming more of me and my life, ha!  I'm reading multiple different pregnancy related books, Childbirth Without Fear, Maternal Fitness, & Childbirth the Natural Way, & Husband Coached Childbirth.  I did finish one light read in the month of June, Duncan's War, which I have the review up on my good reads profile (a 5 star).  I also finished reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, which the review is also up on my good reads profile (a 4 star).  I borrowed this from my Bradley Class Instructor's Lending Library, but it is definitely one I want for my own bookshelf.  I liked it so much I think every first time pregnant lady must read it! 

Since Samuel was the one who was the natural birth advocate out of the two of us (I was very open to it, but he was the driving force!), I didn't know as much about everything.  This pregnancy has caused me to read and do some light research of my own, educating myself about myself.  Ina May's book is probably my favorite, to date.  (Of course, that could be because it's the only pregnancy related book I have read cover to cover, so far).  Some books you just connect with and are so engaged in that you want to read it and finish it as soon as you can.  This was one of those books.  It was more engaging than Childbirth Without Fear, though I still want to finish this one.  It is absolutely amazing how God has prepared women's bodies for birth!  The more I read, watch, and learn, the more I am amazed and my confidence goes up.  We ladies do not have to buy into the cultural fear, stigmas, and portrayals by anyone with a negative attitude about labor! (Cue hollywood scene where woman screams in agony and yells at her husband "youuuuu did this to me!").  I am so thankful for the abundance of resources at my fingertips, and that the Lord has saw fit to reveal so much to me to prepare for such a wondrous event.  He has redeemed me, and He will uphold me, even in labor!  Now, to trust in Him when it hits is the key. (:

My life is just engulfed in pregnancy and baby related reading lately.  And I love it!  I'm very interested in Cloth Diapering as well, even though I haven't done in depth research about the health benefits of it, I've just heard mommy friends talk about the bleach and other junky things they put in regular disposable diapers.  CD interests me more for the economical aspect of it; if you stick with it and have a few babies, it will be infinitely cheaper in the long run.  Though I may be changing more diapers by myself if I go this route. (:  It would be worth it to save money in the long run though.  So many things to decide!

On a non baby note, we adopted a new furry friend, and he is super cute.  We named him Baxter, after the reformed minister, Richard Baxter.  We always have to have a good solid name for out pets, none of those random names for us. (: I'm fairly certain he is a Beagle and Rotweiler mix, since he looks like a Rotweiler but is smaller.  Plus, I did a google search and those pictures look the most like him.  On a doggy note, I am working with Lex (our Lab/Border Collie mix) to help prepare her for the baby, and my own sanity.  An obedient dog that does not jump on my lap sounds wonderful... especially if there is a baby in my arms! Baxter is very calm and is responding more to my commands of come and stay.  If only Lexi were as easy as he was...

Methinks that John Owen might get neglected until after the baby is born, or maybe until I slow down and get a lot bigger belly... which is sad.  There is only so much time in the day to read, and I have so much to learn about this new season of life I am in, and about to enter into!  So a heavy Theological work like his may not get the attention it needs til later. 

I think in August I will dedicate myself to one of the books off my reading list and finish it.  Maybe one by R.C. Sproul.  And of course, I have the liberty to change my own book list on a whim, so maybe it will just end up including lot's or pregnancy, labor, and baby books. (:  In December I will try and do a blog post with a complete list of every book I've read this past year.  Counting books not originally put on my list, I have already passed my goal of 12 books.  So I'll keep on doing what I am doing, even if less from my original list are read.

What are you reading these days?


  1. So glad to read this Leah! It saddens me how many women never have the chance to not be afraid of childbirth :-( Just the other day I was wondering if Ira May's book would be a good one to recommend to friends. I think being exposed to lots of positive birth stories is really important to help counteract all those Hollywood scenes!

    I feel like I know nothing about disposable diapers haha. It's weird, the few times we used them they always stunk REALLY BAD once wet or dirty. They seemed to magnify the smells whereas my cloth diapers mute them slightly...

    We got a brand-new puppy a couple of months after baby was born. That was, um, crazy... Hope your dogs are both well-trained before baby arrives!

    1. Joanna, I definitely think it's a good book to recommend! (: I am loving reading birth stories, though I love reading overtly Christian ones best. My midwife's assistant recommended Ina May's book because she said she thinks it helps to have a lot of positive birth stories to think on/remember when in labor, instead of all the negative and fear inducing stories. Plus, I enjoyed the practical information too.

      What brand of Cloth Diapers do you like/recommend? I have a couple friends who gave me some to test the waters out in when the time comes. (: But I am probably going to put a couple different types on the baby registry...

      Sounds crazy! I love my dogs, but we recently transitioned them to sleeping outside again, but it's for the best. I hope they are too! I see improvement, so that is promising. (:

    2. I have prefold and flat diapers. (From, which is a Christian company! That website has a lot of useful information even if you don't buy there.) I mostly use the flats and then just use the prefolds at night. I like the flats because you can easily fold them to fit perfectly (one size fits all!), and they wash/dry easily/quickly. Having to fold them does involve slightly more work, especially at the beginning when you're learning, so they're not for everyone. For covers I have Thirsties Duo and Flip one-size. (You can tell I like to buy as few things as possible haha!) I mostly use the Thirsties during the day. I may actually have to get more for the next baby as I use them so much they may be all used out by then haha. I've used some second-hand wool covers at night a few times; I love the concept but haven't really gotten into it.
      I don't know if you've heard of elimination communication? Don't be afraid to take your baby to potty outside the diaper if you suspect (s)he needs to go. Nice to avoid dirty diapers ;)


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