Friday, May 31, 2013

Breakfast... Second Breakfast... Elevnsies

 *Finally* I can post this. (: Been sitting in my drafts box for 2 months, waiting to be posted, waiting for Samuel and I to announce online we're expecting our first precious little one!  So without further ado:


Yes, it is a Hobbit's life for me!  Truly.  Ever since finding out I was pregnant, I have felt like a hobbit.  My way to combat nausea (the dreaded "morning sickness"-not just in the morning after all!), was to eat plenty of raw fruits and veggies intentionally, take all my supplements and prenatals, drink at least one cup of raspberry leaf tea each day, a cup of milk with molasses, have my ginger candy at the ready, and, of course, eat every couple hours.  Literally.

So I began joking that I was having "second breakfast".  And "Second dinner".  But then I decided to look up the official mealtimes of Hobbit's, and their respective names.  So without further ado:

Breakfast (seven a.m.),
Second breakfast (nine a.m.),
Elevensies (eleven a.m.),
Luncheon (one p.m.),
Afternoon tea (four p.m.), |
Dinner (six p.m.), and, later in the evening,
Supper (eight p.m.) (only approximate times of day)

I feel this sums up pregnancy eating very well.  I'll munch on some nuts, cheese, fruit, veggies, caviar, etc.  But those meal times, breakfast, second breakfast, luncheon, dinner, and supper, those are real meals, just slightly smaller portions than normal to be spread out.

I'm happy to report, that I've only had one horrible sick day (pukey included) where I could not keep anything down.  My hypothesis is that I ate out twice the day before, and thus, did not eat as well as I have been.  The milder sick day was the evening where I had a small snack BEFORE dinner (around 5:30) and then dinner was postponed until 9:30.  Oh, what a rough 4 hours that was!  I didn't even get supper.  I was ready to crash.  Sleep also helps.  The fuller I am before bed and the earlier I get to sleep, the better I feel in the morning.

I think what strikes me the most (besides living a Hobbit's life as of late), is that I do not crave sweets or sugar, in fact, it rather repulses me!-then makes me feel sickly.  Which is good.  Fruit is borderline too sweet, but I don't ever feel bad after eating it. 

A lot of my new found knowledge about nutrition (and where I go to, to get snack/meal ideas) is from Mommypotamus, Foodrenegade, Weston A Price Foundation, and the best primer to date, the book "Beautiful Babies" by Kristen Michaelis.  I HIGHLY recommend that book, not just to those wanting to be pregnant or already are pregnant, but people in general!  Everything she says is tailored to nutrition for fertility and pregnancy, but it is so much more than that.  It is an excellent book to read if you are wanting to transition to a better diet, but would like more insight.  You know what I found intriguing about her suggestions?-  She lists organic veggies and fruits as the LAST thing to change in your diet.  I know right?  Don't sweat the small stuff, but change the things that will make the most impact on your health in your diet.

But I can't complain.  Having a half Hobbit's life is not so bad. (:  Especially when I know it is full of nutritious delicious food for baby Allison and I.  I might even be tempted to call my growing baby my little Hobbit (;  My very own halfling!

But in all, I am praising the Lord for this unborn life within me!  It is amazing to think that there is a little life inside me, and my first instinct is to nurture and protect him or her.  I'm very thankful that He has opened my eyes to His wondrous truth, that I have a fear for the Lord, a respect for life, and desire to love my child.  There are many who are not so.  They believe there is nothing wrong with the murdering of innocent life... a tragedy indeed!

We are so excited for November to get here!  Prayers are very much appreciated during this time.

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