Monday, May 13, 2013

Redeeming the Time

"See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil" Ephesians 5:15-16

Sometimes I think about this and realize how often I fail at redeeming my time.  Part of it is that I lack the self-discipline, and part of that is because it seems most of my life my time was dictated by another.  Such as, co-op classes, then community college classes, work, then college classes, then more work.  It is easy to be productive when someone else expects it of you, but it is something else entirely to be the manager of our home and I am the only one expecting much of my time!-though Samuel too, but in a smaller way (and I must say, he is the most patient man I know!-I am a blessed woman that he does not criticize me, but rather lovingly encourages me).  So I am constantly learning and growing in this area.

But there is one area I've found that I do redeem the time wisely.  Back before I had this new occupation as wife, helpmeet, and manager of our home, I drove.  A lot.  It seems I was either driving to and from work, to and from church, or to and from a friend's house.  Always driving.  But I lacked free time, and what free time I had, I devoured books and online articles.  But here I had all this time whilst driving to and from so many places.  I don't precisely remember how long ago it dawned on me, but however many years ago it was, I discovered I can listen quite well while driving.  Not to music, but to sermons, lectures, and anything that I could learn from!  It was my one year at Texas A&M (Whoop!) that I began to enjoy listening to sermons when I discovered Sermonindex.  Prior to that, I listened to some things on Youtube.  But when I found a source to download from, it was a whole new world that opened up to me. But it wasn't until after I left college that I filled my driving time with sermons/etc. in the car.

But I don't drive nearly as much as I used to.  And I have generously donated my iPod to Samuel's work van and his pleasure to use while driving (he drives a LOT).  But immediately after we wed, I realized there were new tasks in life that I could actively listen to edifying teaching at the same time.  Things like, folding and hanging up the clothes, doing the dishes, cleaning around the house, during the prep and cooking of dinner, to name a few.  And I love it!-still love it!  In this small way, I can redeem the time from what could be mundane and monotonous tasks, to a time that I truly enjoy.  I don't dread these endless tasks (they just go on forever, you know, the rest of your life!), but see it as a time where I can listen and learn.  And sometimes I do just put on music to listen to.  (:  But the important thing is that I can constantly learn, even when it seems there is no time to read (but I do get plenty of time to read in this season of life).

A few of my favorite resources are:

Generations With Vision - A web radio show that airs Monday-Friday that weighs in on a myriad of topics and issues from a biblical worldview.  A newsource of sorts that isn't filled with the despair, but hope we have in Christ. It's generally about 30 minutes long, so I'll listen to a few in a row.

Ligonier Ministries - Essentially the teachings of R.C. Sproul Sr.  One of my favorite teachers.  There are so many different series you can find on this site to download or listen to on your web browser.

Sermon Audio - Like sermonindex, but I just like this one better now.  You can find plenty of Ligonier teachings on here as well.  Kevin Swanson (host of generations radio) is also a pastor, and I love listening to some of his sermons.  Paul Washer is great too.  Dr. Joe Morecraft III too.

Monergism - A website with more than just audio teachings.  But they do have some free MP3's to download that I have benefited from.  They also have great discounts from time to time too. (:

My Church Library - Lately I've listened to "A Critique of Modern Education lecture by R. J. Rushdoony; "Raising Godly Children In and Ungodly World" lecture(s) by Michael and Susan Bradrick.  Our church has a lot from the Chalcedon Foundation.

Sometimes I like to put on documentaries while I'm folding clothes. So many great ones out there, especially on youtube.  I recently watched Food Matters because a friend let me borrow their dvd, but it's on youtube.

I love discovering new resources, and the above mentioned are just a few that I utilize.  What/who do you like to listen to?  Do you have any suggestions?  Also, what are some ways that you have found to redeem your time wisely?


  1. This is an area in which I struggle very especially! It is rendered more difficult/harder to even know how to approach with my health being so erratic and simply with having very little energy for more than bare minimum day to day coping. One of the things I feel most guilty about is time spent in front of a mirror when I am up for dealing with makeup etc -- one wants to look pretty! but it can take so much work for one! (when one is me :-) I am trying to learn to use that time to pray. It's always a joy to see a post and be reminded of your beautiful existence on the planet, Mrs. Leah.

  2. PS. I love the little puppy in your sidebar!

  3. Heidi, thank you for your sweet comment. (: Thank you for sharing! It is amazing to me how different the body of Christ is... we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and I am so very blessed by you and the way the Lord has gifted you!-your sweetness, gentleness, understanding, and encouragement. You have a way with words (: The Lord turns even what our struggles are into beauty and uses it for His glory. And yes, it is definitely an area where I need grace and growth. And by the Lord's grace, I am growing ever more.

    And I love the puppy pictures too! I couldn't resist, I have such a softness for cute little animals. (:


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