Saturday, February 2, 2013

How To Read a Book: In Review

Month one and book one are complete.  It is a nice feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment to know I am on track on completing my over all goal, by meeting this small goal.

I decided to share a few thoughts about each book after I complete them, and as a spur of the moment decision, give my own rating.  What will my ratings be?  A scale of 1-5 (Subject to change upon my own whim and will).

1) being, complete waste. Why did I finish it?
2) being, minimally thought provoking/entertaining. Won’t read it again.
3) being, borderline useful/wasteful. mild usefulness in instruction about the faults in it/mildly entertaining; Enough good to be challenged, grow a little in thought. Might read it again.
4) being, a really great book, useful to instruct, thought provoking/good entertainment, very challenging, growth as a reader, way more good than bad, would recommend. Worth reading again.
5) being, found enjoyable, challenging, useful in many ways, would highly recommend with no holding back, over all EXCELLENT book. Need to read again!


So, what is my rating for "How To Read a Book"?  I would give it a 4.  I plan to read it again sometime in the future.

One of the main points it made is if you understand a book you can some it up in one sentence (or a few if it's a long book), if you can't, you need to re-read it to understand.  So my one sentence is also an attempt to be witty:

How To Read A Book, is an instructional piece of literature that is meant to be exhaustive, and applied exhaustively.

Now, if you read the book you *might* catch the humor, or you may think my wit was not at all witty... in any event, I will explain.  It instructs that you must be a demanding reader, which means a myriad of steps, but the essence is that you must be engaged in reading using only your mind to come to understand the book (which is exhausting), and to exhaust all the information you can.  Exhaust the resource, and the mind.  (This review sounded so much better in my head... I need to work on reviews obviously).

I felt the book was owed a demanding critique of a review due to the content, and if I didn't, then I would be forsaking this new knowledge by not applying it on it's own work.  But honestly? I'm exhausted! (; Seriously.  It deserves praise for it is a tutor presenting knowledge and helpful tips, tricks, and rules to educating yourself and pulling yourself up above the status quo by teaching you how to be a demanding reader.  Books over your head are but a challenge to read to learn and grow as a reader and a person.

The information I obtained will be immensely helpful in reading the difficult works ahead of me. (I tremble to think of John Owen's The Death of Death... eek!) Also, I need to work on my understanding of grammar.

So yes, I do recommend reading this book, stat.  Make it your next book project.  The only major problem I have is that it is a secular work and the authors do not acknowledge Christ as Lord, and thus some of their worldview is vastly different.  I disagree on a few points, but a mature reader will take note and look past it.

This is my rough review. Edits might come later. Until then, I am off to drink passion tea and read Luther.

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