Saturday, April 5, 2014

Beautiful Little Moments

I love my son.  I really love my tiny little person!  I am overwhelmed by the joy that he brings to my life. I was not prepared for the love I would have for him, how sanctifying he would be, and how I am so glad and humbled that he brings out such patience, care, tenderness, and love in me.  I see him and I want to snuggle him, kiss him, hold him close, rock him, tickle him, and hear his sweet baby coos, giggles, and laughter.  I am always surprised at how genuinely happy this child is!  He is still human, and yes, he does cry.  But usually when it's time to eat or sleep. (Oh, and those moments when his sinful little self shows, yes I have a depraved little baby who needs grace just like everyone else!)

Just earlier I held him as he cried, overly exhausted (we went out canvassing for some local candidates and he missed his longer nap and had a short one instead).  After a couple minutes he calmed down and I just sang to him.  I always sing to him before I lay him down to sleep for a nap or bedtime.  As I held him in my arms and swayed, singing psalms and hymns, I looked down at a peaceful baby, so content, secure, and trusting in my arms.  He was no longer crying, just snuggled against me listening. He even started to sleepily "talk" to me.  I didn't want to set him down, he was so sweet and precious... so I didn't.  I sang a little longer, held him a little tighter, and thanked the Lord for such a blessing!  The laundry could wait a few more minutes to be put away.

It struck me, these moments are so beautiful.  These moments are so new, and yet so changing.  He will continue to grow and change, and one day he will not be my sweet little son, but my grown up son.  I may have more babies, Lord willing, but they will all have such different personalities, I can't expect it to be identical.  So this beautiful moment I soaked it all in, immensely grateful to have this child in my arms. 

Each day I am blessed by such moments through out the ordinary course of events. I have found that to find hidden joy, I must seek it out and incorporate the mundane with the precious.  When I go out and water the garden and dump my compost, I put 2nd Samuel in a carrier to be close to me.  Or when I fold clothes I lay him next to me/or set him in my lap and we can interact as I fold.  Even when I am in the laundry room I take him there.  When I vacuum I put him in the carrier again, and he just hangs out (pun intended) with me so contentedly.  And my favorite thing has been to establish enjoyable routines, such as always singing to him before he lays down.  I enjoy singing, and he loves to listen!  Changing diapers is delightfully fun. Yes, fun!  He just loves it, seriously.  Each morning after he eats, we change his diaper, and get him dressed... and I have my morning song (This is the day the Lord has made). He always grins and enjoys it.  Then he coos and giggles and we "talk". Through out the day during each time I'll sing a catechism question/answer to him and he squirm/giggles/coos with delight.  The day is filled with fun little moments, and I get every day chores done while he is awake.  Even while I nurse him, I like to read adult books. Sometimes I even read aloud to him.  But lately, he gets distracted when I read aloud and wants to grab the book from my hands instead of eating! Haha!  Maybe one of the cutest things he does (there are SO many, I can't really choose), is when we lay him down for bed and he pops his head up, gives us a sheepish grin, then starts cooing away, giggling, and looking over at us. (He is in a co-sleeper).  Then when we turn the light out he gets quit and falls asleep. He just knows lights out means serious bedtime, LOL!

Again, I love my son!  God has been so good to us, and each day we are reminded that children really are a blessing from the Lord.  I know days will get harder and more complicated as he grows and matures, but life is to be lived one day at a time, one season at a time.  I am not going to get ahead of myself worrying about the future, but prayerfully considering the days at hand.  I know I have weaknesses and need growth as a godly mom.  But I suppose that is one of the beautiful designs of the Lord's, to allow mom and dad to grow with the baby. (:

I am so blessed and love motherhood!  I really am delighted by just how joyful and fulfilling it is.  One of the huge reasons is because I am able to be a keeper of the home and have my little one with me all day.  I could not imagine leaving him with others every day to care for him.  I thank God that He has given me a godly husband, one who takes seriously the duty to provide for his own (1 Timothy 5:8), as well as see the biblical design of womanhood.  Because he so faithfully and tirelessly works to provide a stable income for our family economy, I get to spend my days contributing in others ways, such as meal planning, gardening, being a good steward of our money, research/study many topics, caring for our child, keeping/caring for our home, and so many things that fall under "home management"!  What beauty there is in being a wife and mother.  Oh, I love caring for my little arrow! (: 

P.s. For some reason the blog won't let me upload any pictures or videos.  So to see this really cute video of him enjoying the johnny jumper for the first time, click the youtube link:

2nd Samuel in the Johnny Jumper



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    GRACE: Romans 3:24
    FAITH: JOHN 3:16
    REPENTANCE: Acts 2:38
    CONFESSION: Romans 10:9-10
    BAPTISM: 1 Peter 3:21



  2. Steve,

    I do not see the relevance of your comment pertaining to my post. I'm leaning toward this is spam, but I have allowed it to be published anyway.

    So, there are many terminologies that men use to define the doctrines of the bible that are not explicitly stated, such as the Trinity. Do you deny the trinity because it contradicts itself? How can there be three in one and be one yet three? This is a basic orthodox doctrine of Christendom. This is also clearly taught in scripture even if the word Trinity does not appear.

    I sense you are hostile to "Calvinists". I'm guessing you've desired to debate with "Calvinists" and have done so many times before. I doubt any of my words will convince you. (and who said I was a "Calvinist" anyway? What is your definition of a Calvinist?) As I read the scriptures I see that the original sin in the garden was this: Man wanted to be as God/a god. Since then, man is always trying to elevate his will over God's. So it boils down to this, who's will is over whom? Is man's will superior to God's? Or is God's will superior to man's? It is not whether man's will is free, because I believe in "free-will", but I do not believe man's will is over God's.


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