Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yes, Another New Blog!

As with most of my blogs, a new one has been created to flow with the new season I am in. (:

I included, as the header of my blog, an excerpt from Martin Luther's Bondage of the Will.  I was most delighted with his elegant language and description, and was drawn to his definition.  On another page, he writes to Erasmus more on assertions.

“The Holy Spirit is not a Skeptic, nor are what He has written on our hearts doubts or opinions, but assertions more certain, and more firm than life itself and all human experience." Pg 17

"But, (that we may not be mistaken in terms) by assertion, I mean a constant adhering, affirming, confessing, defending, and invincibly persevering… And moreover, I speak concerning the asserting of those things, which are delivered to us from above in Holy Scriptures." Pg 13

 To explain more about the title, I will indulge in past titles of my blogs. (:  The first I ever created I named "Incessancy"; followed by the second, "Two Roads Diverged"; the third was switched over to "Catching Mere Glimpses".

I must pause to reflect and point out, I have linked you to ALL of my blogs.  I have kept my Incessancy blog "private" for years, due to embarrassment by some of my own ignorant musings.  But, they show growth, they show the state of my heart and mind in those younger years.  It is most humbling to realize how far I have come.  By God's grace, He has moved me ever near to His heart and His truth.  From the rough and crude words I spoke, to anything edifying is but by His grace... and hopefully, this blog continues to show a more sanctified Leah.

The reasons I named them such?  I was enamored with the word "Incessant" and frequently latched onto to specific words that became my favorites, and used them at every chance I could!  I incessantly read, incessantly talked, incessantly analyzed, incessantly did everything (;  It was a blog of turmoil, of wanting to understand.  But, through much agonizing, Christ showed mercy on me in the midst of it all and began to open my eyes bit by bit.  So then comes along the next blog, Two Roads Diverged.  I memorized that poem by Robert Frost for a class in school.  I realized two paths were laid before me, and by God's grace... I began to tread upon the one less traveled on.  His path, the narrow one.  Not too long after that, I began to see how all of my life I had known nothing.  I was but a mere child, looking at God's creation with wonder, realizing I could not understand the depths of His glory and what I saw was but a mere glimpse compared to eternity.  Thus began, Catching Mere Glimpses. (: 

The point of this blog is to be more direct.  To assert.  I hope to post things I am reading, things that encourage me, and things I would wish to assert.  The root cause of all I do, is Christ.  His truth, His word, His love... all is Christ and I would humbly endeavor to live my life resting in His love and grace, glorifying and enjoying Him as I live and love.  The purpose is to write with the intent to assert boldly what it is I am learning, as well as humbly.  I don't want this to be more wasted space, but the point is to glorify God through the things that I post on this internet outlet.

Soli Deo Gloria

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